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 More than 100 sprites for create your spooky/creepy game.

Ideal for Platformer & Metroidvania games.

Great also for Halloween games!

All images are in PNG format.

Content list:

 SPRITES - 512 x 512
 x13 - Background Trees

 SPRITES - 256 x 256
 x04 - Moon

SPRITES -  128 x 128
x16 - Trees
x03 - Moon

SPRITES -  64 x 64
x08 - Grass

SPRITES - 32 x 32
x16 - Graves
x08 - Hanging Vegetation
x16 - Rocks
x01 - Platform

SPRITES - 64 x 16
x08 - Terrains

SPRITES - 16 x 16
x08 - Tiny Grass
x01 - Platform

x01 - Fog (1 x 256)
x01 - Fog (160 x 120)

UI, Witch and Monster are not included in the 'Spooky Background Asset'


Buy Now$7.95 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Spooky_Background_Assset.zip 750 kB


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Love your art! Do you by chance have a tile-set or tilemap made for the ground and grass etc? I'm having a tricky time putting one together

Hi, thank you very much for your purchase and I am very happy that you like the art!
I do have some tilemaps I have created in the past, but never updated the package because the images must overlap each other to have a nice effect. So my idea and suggestion is to have several layers where you use different types of tilemaps to be combined together.

I have the following tilemap groups ready:
- Background Trees (the huge 4 animated ones)
- Grass
- Graves, Hangings and Rocks
- Moon (the two different animation types)
- Terrain (Tiny Grass and Rocks)
- Trees

I haven't placed all of them in one tilemap because the scale varies so much from the tiny grass/rocks (16x16) to the huge animated trees (512x512).

Are you happy with those separate tilemap sets? I can update the file to include them in that case.