64x64 UFOs

Version 1.3.0

by Simone Tropea

Click on the UFOs to destroy them and free the city from them.

- Click with the mouse to start the game and to shoot the UFOs.
- Once shot, the weapon will takes 2 seconds to reload.
- Wait until the loading mouse cursor disappear before shoot again.
- Don't shoot to the buildings, if you damage too many of them it's game over!

Is a game developed for the #LOWREZJAM 2016 in just 15 hours as personal challenge.

Game Design: Simone Tropea
Programming: Simone Tropea
Art Asset: Simone Tropea
Music: Eric Skitt ( http://ericskiff.com/ )
Audio Effects: Simone Tropea

1.3.0 Update

If buildings are too damaged or destroyed, the game is lost.


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It's cool, but too slow paced for me :)

Hi Rombus, thank you really much for your comment. Can I ask you how long does it takes to you to complete the game?

I am working to add more feature but I don't know if I can finish it on time by the end of the jam. If you like the game please follow it so you can play a new version later.

Thank you for playing 1.2.1 version, I am really glad you like it! :-)

Uploaded new version of the game. Now you can lose if you make too much damage to the city.

Please if you have time have a look at the game and let me know.


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Hey bro! I'll check it out. I didn't complete the game yet. Maybe it took me like 6 screen pans to the sides to quit. What I was saying is that the ufo's take long time to appear so maybe I get distracted while waiting and when the ufo passes by it's too fast for me to react :P.

Also maybe the gun takes to much time to reload, or allow 3 shots and then reload time

But I liked the idea and the graphics :D

Thank you for your detailed comment.
I was adding an option to change the direction of the camera to make the game more dynamic but I felt sick during the weekend and I couldn't work on the game anymore.

If many people like it I might continue to upgrade it and make it a better game.

Thank you again for your support!